As a natural protein fibre, silk is extremely versatile and be turned into a wide range of clothing apparel. These include shirts, ties, blouses, high fashion clothing, eveningwear and formal attire.

The best-known silk is collected from the cocoons of the mulberry Bombyx mori silkworm larvae that have been raised in captivity (sericulture). This practice dates back several thousand years, and the same methods are used in these modern times.

The natural absorbency of silk makes it perfect for active clothing, or items worn during warmer weather. It has a low conductivity level, and gains its shimmering appearance from the triangular, prism-like structure of the fibres.

Silk clothing does has it’s own washing directions, and we would usually recommend hand-washing or dry cleaning the fabric to avoid damage and loss of quality.

If you’re unable to find the right silk fabric for your project, then do get in touch with us here. We’re more than happy to help.