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Super100’S Brown/Blue Checked Wool

A Man’s World??

A mans world? No, not any longer, why should we ladies leave sumptuous wool suiting just to the men. It is often overlooked for ladies wear, but it shouldn’t be. Suiting wools are the product of years of technological advancement, resulting in fabrics that can be whisper fine with a range of subtle beautiful patterns not just the stripes and checks of yesteryear. With sublime finishes that can feel soft or silky to touch and best of all they are mostly 100% virgin wool or wool/silk combinations that come in a range of weights, which can be turned into a wide range of ladies garments from traditional to modern, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, breathable, the virtues go on and on, so ladies why not check out our range of beautiful Italian men’s suiting.


IMG 0110 - A Man's World??W1138cshop 1 300x300 - A Man's World??

W1130dshop 300x300 - A Man's World??

W1139cshop 300x300 - A Man's World??

W1122dshop 300x300 - A Man's World??

W1120dshop 1 300x300 - A Man's World??

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