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My Journey to achieving the Perfect Fit!

We all know the feeling, pounding the pavement for hours searching for that perfect skirt/dress/pair of jeans only to find that what we like doesn’t quite feel right, the waist is too gaping, the bust too tight, nasty drag lines appearing where we really don’t want them etc, etc. Going up or down a size doesn’t help, it just moves the problem to another area. What we all know intuitively, if not consciously, is that our favourite garments, the ones that make us feel good, feel confident, or are subject to admiring glances and comments from others, are those which fit our bodies well, and are the right proportion for our frame. If you love clothes there is really nothing like that feeling……right?


For those of us who love to sew, we can, with some work and understanding, produce garments that fit us or others. But it can be challenging, especially at the start. It can seem quite bewildering, there are lots of articles, books and advice out there. I consider that learning to fit is a journey, so where to start?


For me, I bought books and read about it, I looked at YouTube videos and consulted my accomplished Mother-in-law a veteran sewist who had learned at her mothers knee, but I still struggled to understand. All the information was helpful, but when faced with the issue, it was still a bit foggy if I am really honest. Then quite by accident I happened upon two sources that lit my personal lightbulb. The first was on YouTube, it was a Peggy Sagers’ video where she talked about fit as ‘LCD’ (Length, Circumference and Depth). Watching that video the penny dropped. The first thing you need to do is get the length right. By that she meant the waist on the waistline, the bust where it supposed to be etc, before you tweak anything else. The second was purchasing a Craftsy class called ‘Sew the perfect fit’ by Lynda Maynard where she demonstrated the process of assessing and adjusting and I was amazed at the degree of understanding I took away from that. I feel I am now well on the way on my journey and I hope my learning might help your journey.

I’ve attached the Peggy Sagers You Tube Video link below and a still showing the Lynda Maynard class at I referred to.

Fitcopy - My Journey to achieving the Perfect Fit!

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