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Our new website has launched

We would like to welcome you to the brand new Couture Fabrics website. We’re so excited to showcase some of the luxury fabrics that we’ve sourced from the best Italian manufacturers.

At Couture Fabrics, we regularly update our stock with items sourced from the finest Italian producers. From silk to cashmere, jacquard to men and women’s suiting, we stock them all.

You can find the full range of our fabrics by using the list below.


All great designers started out as students and here at Couture Fabrics, we want to help your creativity thrive. We know that finding fabrics that inspire you at an affordable price can be hard, so we offer a discount on some of our regular fabrics for students.

You can find out more about our student fabrics by taking a look here.


If you’ve turned you passion for all things fabric and use your skills for profit, then our trades and professionals area is going to be for you. You need a fabric that keeps your regular customers coming back for more, that’s where we can help.

As professional fabric sellers, we understand that you need to offer your clients something extra special. We offer trade discounts on our fabrics, you can find out more by taking a look at the page here.

Delivery information

For orders placed within the UK over £200, we offer free shipping. You can find out all the information about our delivery rates for both inside and outside of the UK, including prices for international deliveries. You can find out more here.

As always, the Couture Fabrics team are here to offer assistance on any of our products, so you can find all the contact information you should need here.

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